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The official website for readers of Jean Liedloff’s acclaimed book,
The Continuum Concept
“If the world could be saved by a book, this just might be the book.”
John Holt, How Children Learn
“If I had to choose one book to give parents-to-be, here it is.”
George Leonard, The Transformation
“A book ... to help us become nurturing parents and advocates for our own child within, to understand what we missed, and to restore it.”
Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within
“The principles of intuitive parenting [Jean] wrote about in The Continuum Concept are valued worldwide.”
Dr. William Sears, The Attachment Parenting Book
“Invaluable. Extraordinarily sensitive, brilliantly written ... it is wonderful.”
Ashley Montagu, The Natural Superiority of Women
“This book is the work of a genius.
Robert Epstein, PhD, Psychology Today

This website has been created to educate and serve the public — especially parents, parents-to-be and anyone who cares about the well-being of infants and children — by advocating the principles described in The Continuum Concept and suggesting practical ways to integrate them into daily life. We also hope to serve those who are recovering from the adverse effects of a modern, “non-continuum” upbringing, and who may or may not be parents themselves.

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The Continuum List is an email-based support group established in 1998 for TCC readers to pose questions, share experiences and offer perspectives with other Continuum Concept enthusiasts. This is currently the best way to get a variety of helpful, continuum-informed answers to your parenting questions.

When you subscribe to the Continuum List, you can also search the archives (thousands of posts) to see if your concerns have been discussed.

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