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The Continuum List
A Virtual Forum

Since 1998, the Liedloff Continuum Network has maintained a Listserv mailing list (email-based support group) known to members simply as the Continuum List (or “CC list”). Readers of The Continuum Concept use the CC list to discuss a wide range of topics related to Jean Liedloff’s book. Subscribing to the list is a great way to learn how others are applying the continuum principles in their daily lives, and to support others by sharing your own experience.

Be sure to read and bookmark the User’s Guide, a copy of which will be emailed to you after you subscribe.

How To Subscribe To The Continuum List

  1. Create an new email, leave the Subject blank, and put the following text in the body of the message:


    Substitute Your Name with your first and last name (or initial) in that order. Your subscription address is automatically detected from your email, so you do not need to enter it.

  2. Send it to:


    Note: This is NOT the address to use to post messages to the list; posting instructions will be sent to you after you subscribe.

  3. Within a few minutes, the list server will send you a confirmation message and a copy of the User’s Guide, which describes the Continuum List, its use, and its features in greater detail. Please read the User’s Guide carefully and bookmark it for future reference.

Continuum List Links

Acknowledgements — We are grateful for the donated time and resources which make the Continuum list possible: The list is hosted at ICORS.org, using technology donated by L-Soft.